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  • Minecraft Game Review

    July 22, 2019 by

    Minecraft is literally one of the best games that has been made up to date. It’s blocky, creative atmosphere just gives one great challenge to look around and explore. The landscapes are simply a replica of what you would find in real life! In survival, you have to use natural resources to make progress in the game. Wood is an essential material and a good starter to create basic materials for example- sticks, wood planks, which can lead you to create tools like pickaxes shovels and swords to kill animals for food and hunts down monsters depending on if your difficulty is either easy medium or hard and not peaceful. Creative on the other hand is also great as you have a who menu of also the blocks in the games allowing you to create glorious creations and even circuits which can activates doors and you can create high complex things like robot or circuits to activate lights in a house!

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